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New York Electrician Estimates

For New York Electrician, no job begins before we provide our customer with a clear and detailed estimate. Not only is it a testament to our professionalism, but, more importantly, it allows our customers to prepare in advance for the anticipated project costs, and helps them as they narrow down their search for the best and most cost effective contractor for the job at hand.

We know that electrician estimates can be quite baffling. It is therefore crucial that our customers understand the components of this important document before they approve it.
So, how does Electrician New York prepare estimates?
Naturally, we must first find out what the specific problem is. While customers are welcome to provide us with information online or over the phone, we prefer to conduct an on-site inspection in your home or office, as it is a more accurate basis for the estimate.

When it comes to complex projects, particularly in new or renovated buildings, there are certain technical issues that, as professionals, New York Electricians must first check and verify. First, we must ensure that the project in question can be completed according to city code regulations. This is crucial, as an electric job which does not comply with these ordinances will fail the mandatory electrical inspection.

Secondly, in order for us to be thoroughly familiar with your electrical system, we must review the electrical plans of your building. This will allow us to determine which components of the system – whether panels, breakers, or outlets - need to be replaced or added to the existing plan. Adding new breakers or circuits requires special permits which cost money, and this is a factor that is calculated into the estimate.

Based on our preliminary inspection of your electrical system and of the project at hand, we can proceed to determine the nature of the payment.

If the job is to be conducted in a new building, we at Electrician New York usually calculate our rates according to a square foot basis. This means we set a fixed rate which is based on the square footage of your premises. This figure includes all additional fees, such as labor costs, required materials, permits and other possible operating charges.

If the project is to be carried out in an existing construction, we will most probably provide you with an itemized estimate which lists the various components of the job, including their expected costs. Among the items on the list are all the aforementioned additional costs which are an integral part of every electrical project.

Once all the technical aspects have been established, we can proceed to prepare the estimate. Other than the fee components, we at Electrician New York make it a point to clearly indicate on the estimate the details and stages of the job. We believe our customers should clearly understand what they are being charged for.

If down payment is required – which is usually the case for large projects – we will clearly state the details and payment date on the estimate. We also specify the final payment date just to avoid unnecessary confusion when the job is done.

In accordance with the customer's plans and based on the scope of the job, we will determine a date of completion for the project, and specify it on the estimate. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the professional technicians of Electrician New York will do their utmost to ensure the job is carried out by the said date.

As we submit the estimate to our prospective customers, we will gladly answer and questions or clarify any confusing points regarding the terms and conditions of the document. It is now up to the customer to accept the estimate and all that it entails, and once it is approved, the experts of Electrician New York will go ahead and do what they do best: make sure your electrical system is in perfect working order.
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