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Choosing Surge Protector

Home surge protection is something that needs to be taken seriously, since a wayward power surge can easily ruin your electrical equipment or damage your electrical system. And taking it seriously means learning more about surge protectors, particularly which ones to buy.

There are a few basic guidelines to picking out a high-caliber surge protector, all of which involve looking out for numbers.

First and foremost, you'll have to look for a protector with a low voltage rating. This number indicates just how many volts the surge suppressor will siphon into your equipment after clamping. Keep the voltage your equipment absorbs to a minimum by getting a protector with a rating of 400V or lower.

Also make it a point to know how many stages of protection your suppressor has. The more stages it has, the better equipped it is to deal with voltage spikes.

Next, check out the surge protector's response time. This number determines how long it will take the protector to respond to an electrical surge. If you can find one that takes no more than a nanosecond to respond, then you're assured of quality surge protection. Of course, you'll be better insured if you manage to acquire a protector with an even faster response time.

Finally, you have to verify the life expectancy of your home surge protector of choice. Find out how much power it can take before it gives out, and how long its warranty is. Obviously, the higher these numbers are, the better.

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