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Conservation Tips

Far too many are under the impression that electricity conservation simply requires the practice of some restraint with regard to energy consumption. While there is no denying that more control on your part can lead to notable savings in energy and money, it's not that simple. Maximizing the conservation of energy demands a more extensive approach. You can boost savings even further by taking heed of a few electricity conservation tips.

Electricity Conservation Methods

     Lights. Turn off your lights when you don't need them, especially when daylight provides adequate lighting. Never leave the lights in empty rooms on. Replace inefficient incandescent bulbs with power saving fluorescent, compact fluorescent, and/or LED bulbs wherever appropriate. Keep your bulbs clean, since dust can compromise lighting.

     Temperature. Favor fans over air conditioners during heat waves. Pull down shades and blinds to prevent sunlight from coming in through the window. If you don't have to worry about direct sunlight, you may open the windows to let the air in and the heat out. During cold months, keep all doors and windows shut tight to keep the heat in.

     Appliances. Make good use of smaller appliances (like microwaves) instead of larger ones (ovens) whenever possible. They generate less power, but often produce the same results. Switch off appliances like TVs, DVD players, and PCs when not in use, or better yet, unplug them. Many appliances remain on standby mode even after they've been turned off, which still allows them to consume energy.

     Food. Give food from the refrigerator time to thaw before heating or cooking. Same rule applies when storing recently heated food in the fridge. Waiting for food to reach room temperature lets appliances save power in the heating and cooling process. Also make sure that the temperature of your refrigerator is sufficient for food preservation, but that it is not set too low. Excessively cool temperatures do nothing but waste power.

Electrician Services

These are only a few of many methods you can use to maximize electrical energy conservation. For more information on how to conserve electricity more effectively, contact Electrician New York. Our NYC electricians can teach you more conservation methods and even install energy saving equipment in your home, as per our New York electrical services.

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