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Fuse Block

You might be interested to know that circuit breakers aren't your only means of protection against overcurrents; fuses have also proven to be very effective in blocking excess voltage. Much like circuit breakers, they virtually absorb powerful electrical surges to save your electrical circuits from damage.

Fuse blocks are popular alternatives to circuit breakers primarily because they are more affordable, but expense isn't the only thing fuses have going for them. They actually have the edge in performance, generally responding to overcurrents much faster than circuit breakers.

Of course, there are certain advantages to choosing circuit breakers over fuses. For one, the latter can only be used once, unlike the former which can be reset after each use. There's also greater risk involved in replacing fuses as compared to resetting circuit breakers; the inexperienced can easily harm their circuits or themselves in an attempt to replace a blown fuse.

Such is why you're encouraged to have Electrician New York help you with the installation and replacement of your fuses. Our NYC electricians can assure you of dependable overcurrent protection with no risk to your electrical equipment or yourself. We can even supply you with the top fuses in the industry upon your request.

Call us whenever you're in need of our assistance. We aim to provide exceptional services at fair rates.

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