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Electric and AC Power Transmission

We all depend heavily on electric power transmission, yet far too many of us don't know anything about it. Basically, it is the transfer of electric power in large amounts, from primary power sources to areas where it becomes readily available to us. There are many forms of electric power transmission, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Forms of Electrical Power Transmission

Wireless power transmission

is one of them. This form of transmission is particularly distinct, because as its name implies, it can transfer power without the use of wires – something that none of the other forms of electric power transmission can do. However, the technology of wireless power transmission is still too undeveloped to use feasibly for massive power transmissions.

HVDC: high-voltage direct current

Another notable transmission form is HVDC (high-voltage direct current), which is currently the most ideal for transmitting power across considerable distances. It's proven to be more efficient to transfer and convert DC (direct current) power over long distances than it is to transfer AC (alternating current) power over the same lengths.

The only drawback to this is that the transfer and conversion of DC power over regular distances is still more costly than the transmission of AC. Such is part of the reason why AC power transmission is the most practical and used form of electric power transmission today.

AC power transmission

AC power transmission is more cost-effective than the others because of several reasons. For one, it doesn't require the use of converters, since we already use AC power in our homes and offices. Also, with the number of power stations, sub-stations, and systems (like the railway electrification system) geared specifically for the transfer, distribution, and use of AC power, AC power transmission is simply a much more convenient option.

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