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UPS and Generators

Even in this day and age, there is nothing we can do to stop blackouts and power failures. But with modern technology, we can now keep these electrical mishaps from interfering with our businesses and hampering our everyday routine.

What are these technological innovations that free us from the inconvenience of the occasional power outage? UPS units and generators.

The former, whose initials stand for Uninterruptible Power System, immediately provides electrical power to connected electrical equipment in case the main source of electricity is unable to provide it. UPS units can supply auxiliary power to small appliances or large groups of equipment, and are even capable of powering entire houses and buildings.

Generators serve a similar function, though they don't respond immediately to power failures, and they use mechanical energy for power, as opposed to UPS units that use up reserves like batteries to provide electricity. This key difference makes generators better suited for prolonged power outages.

Given their practicality in the home and office, we at Electrician New York have added these two pieces of equipment to our list of services. Our dependable electricians make sure that you won't ever have to suffer from blackouts by installing, repairing, and maintaining UPS units and generators in your place of residence or business. Our experts are also available to give you sound advice on reserve power and answer any questions you might have.

Call us to hire a New York electrician who can provide you with swift, affordable service, or to learn more about what we have to offer.

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